Does the Baby thrill you? A lot of people get excited about Christmas but for those that are spiritually minded it goes way beyond what is waiting for them under a decorated tree. It means far more to them than pretty decorations, parties or delicious

God Has Spoken

When you don’t understand what God is doing, remember what God has spoken. Here are just a few of the examples of what the Lord has spoken over you, what He says about you.

Prepare The Way

Are you prepared for Christmas? These daily devotions from John Piper will help you prepare yourself and your family spiritually to celebrate Christ arrival.

Looking At Christmas With “Fresh Eyes”

Come join us for a fresh look into the Christmas story at our Sunday Gatherings in December.

The Coffee Club: Last Days Discussion

“The end is the world is happening on this date!” How many times have we read reports or heard people make these bold predictions? To many to count and even though we know it isn’t true, we stop and consider the future. What does God

Annual Fall Party

Our Neighborhood Fall Party was a huge success last year. We had many new faces join us as we enjoyed a relaxing day of fun day under a beautiful October sky. The children enjoyed games, a cupcake walk, scavenger hunt, and a hayride. Invite your