Marriage Retreat 2016

30882501756_09d37543db_bIn late-October we had a great time with licensed, Christian counselor Virginia Pignato, she came from Florida to be our featured speaker for our first Marriage Retreat.

She helped our participants to recognize their individual temperament tendencies, and then helped couples to recognize the value of the similarities and differences between them. Through various exercises and activities, couples learned how to recognize stress indicators for their partner and how to avoid tension and obtain harmony.

At the conclusion of the weekend, couples observed the Lord’s Supper, prayed for one another, and left with a new understanding of their partner. The weekend provided such valuable information that couples are already requesting that Virginia plan a return trip in the near future.

While the four-session discussions provided the “meat” of the retreat, it was the luxurious accommodations that were the “cherry on top.” For as only God could, He connected the dots that reunited a fellow believer from Alabama and Pastor Buff.

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When Pastor Buff was invited to a Missions Conference in Alabama in early 2016, this man and his wife indicated that they own a vacation home on the Jersey Shore. They generously offered the use of their shore home to the Grace Falls family during the off-season.

We are so thankful for their hospitality that allowed us to be able to provide an affordable Marriage Retreat in a beautiful setting at the beach. Six of our couples were able to take advantage of this valuable, relationship-enhancing opportunity!