Here are some quick things you might want to know about us. We we are a young church with a fresh vision, we planted Grace Falls Church in the summer of 2013 and we launched our first gospel community in 2014, we want to be a refreshing change from how you have done church in the past.

Grace Falls is for anyone who wants to seek God, from those exploring whether or not God even exists, to committed Christ-followers, we are here to present biblical truths and learn how they apply to our everyday lives. And we have a lot of fun while doing it.

Here are some quick things you might want to know about us:

We Are Not Perfect

We are all a work in progress and we want to welcome you no matter what your story is, how many questions you have or what your doubts and struggles are because we have them too. We welcome those who are seeking, skeptical or curious. It is our sincere desire to thoroughly explore your questions about God and Christianity with you.

We Love Dialogue

This is not a one way conversation. Our pastor does not have a monologue to disperse, you will find our conversation based Gatherings refreshing as we seek to learn from both God and from one another.

Diversity Is Good

We love and embrace diversity and it helps to make us a stronger community of believers. Your background, your culture and your experiences in life are not going to get in the way of us welcoming you into our family.

Take The First Step

We would love to connect with you! If you have any questions or if you are interested in learning more about Grace Falls we are open to meeting you to grab a cup of coffee or just give you a call.