"Game On" Summer Camp


Our theme for summer camp this year is a week full of sports. We have some great stuff planned that your kids will love to be a part of. 

If you haven't signed up yet them it is time to stop putting it off. Camp starts Monday and we need you children to be registered ahead of time.

Some things to know about camp this year:

Each day has a sports related theme and all the activities will be centered around that theme. This will be great for you to know so that you can talk with your child about their day and what they did.

Each day we will have these activities: Music, Recreation, Story, Craft and Snack Time. Each day kids will be bringing a craft and other goodies home.

The kids will play outside so have them dress comfortably. Please have your children in tennis shoes and let us know if they have any special needs during that time!

Thursday is Jersey Day - each kid can wear a uniform, jersey, or sports themed attire and we will give out special awards to each child.

Friday will be a water day! We will have special games and activities with water outside so we ask that they come with a bathing suit on with a towel and a change of clothes if needed.

We will start at 9am but door open at 8:45 for kids to start heading in. We will end each day at 12:30. Pick up and drop off will happen in the same location. 

We are excited to take up a collection to help victims who have been affected by the recent floods in Maryland and Pennsylvania. We are partnered with an organization that does disaster relief to help victims and we are going to ask kids each day bring their change to help send to help other boys and girls get the help they need! 

A friend of mine from Shreveport will be here Sunday July 1st for our Morning Family Gathering at 10 am. He is going to share a great story about his life and it will be really inspiring to all the kids.

We are going to ask you and your kids to come back Sunday morning to help us celebrate a great week together. We will have pizza and sandwiches afterwards and the kids will have a chance to share and show you what they learned during the week! You don't want to miss it.

I hope this information helps and please don't hesitate to call me or my wife, Cissy, if you have any questions. (813-388-1259 for Buff or 813-388-1435 for Cissy)

We want your kids to feel loved and appreciated! We are honored to host you and your family this next week! So GAME ON!!!