Team Report

Spirit Week Report


By Jenn Kingsley

After being here for a couple of weeks without her, my fellow intern Taylor finally got to Atlantic City on May 31. Right away, we were presented with a bunch of materials and given the assignment to determine a curriculum plan for Spirit Week at Ziegler School in the inner city of Philadelphia.

Taylor and I spent hours of work brainstorming and reading through the material that was given to us. We had no idea what was in store for us for the up coming week, but we wanted to be fully prepared for whatever came our way.

The Grace Falls family partnered with Northeast Community Outreach, with the help of three women from Dayspring Baptist in Mobile, Alabama, Ed from Heritage Baptist in Cantonment, FL and Toby and Kyleen of Impact International Ministries in Kentucky, worked hard to make this a fun-filled week for students and faculty.

I was terrified to get up in front of 200+ kids and teach them principles such as hope, individuality, self-control, and friendship. On Monday I quickly noticed that the curriculum that Taylor and I had put together was not going to relate to students in the urban environment. As a team, we all worked together to adjust our plans and come up with activities that would be best suited for these students.

I am a very structured person, I like plans, and to know what is in store. As I served at Ziegler, God really worked with me to trust in His plans and to be able to go with the flow. To be honest, I am so thankful that this is how things worked out. I learned that I do not need to rely on my own plans and schedule, but rely on the Lord’s plans for me.

Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today.

Continuously all week long Exodus 14:13 kept coming to my mind. So often I like to have control over a situation I knew that God was reminding me to just stand still, don't stress out, because the Lord always has the right things planed.

Our team lead assemblies everyday that included interactive videos and games so we could reach out and get personal with the students. As the week progressed, we began to build relationships with these students. I would walk down the hallways and was bombarded with hugs from kids that were so excited that a group of individuals would come to their school everyday of the week to show them love, compassion, and most of all, have some fun! To say the least, I felt like a celebrity that week.

Out of the 550 students in the school, this one little kindergartner really stood out to me. Her name was Charlie; she has the brightest blue eyes and beautiful curly hair. The timid look on her face immediately got my attention. Throughout the week I was able to get to know more about her through talking, laughter, and dancing, of course! Every time we passed each other in the hallway we always gave each other this goofy face, followed by heart felt laughter. She really won me over.

Though our team was not able to teach theses principles in a biblical perspective, Christ revealed Himself throughout the week. The children really took in and understood what we were teaching. Though this was the first of many projects being done at Ziegler School, I am so blessed to just have been able to be apart of a great team that spent time at this school. Being able to come alongside the great kids and faculty to encourage, uplift, and just love on this community has really touched my heart.

I am excited to see what is in store in the future with Northeast Community Outreach and Ziegler School!

Year End Report From Cissy McNickle

tumblr_inline_myzm9yOuAH1ri1qcvI must admit that, so far, the experience of being a Church Plant Core Team member has been difficult but incredible!

The things I thought would be most challenging have proven to be easier, such as making connections with New Jersey natives, seeing where God is working, and finding ways to join Him, and yet, the things I thought to be easy have been more challenging– especially communal living! God is so good and the ways He has provided have been nothing short of miraculous!

I am most thankful for our amazing team. Before moving up here, God confirmed to me that he would provide a team, if I would just trust Him. As a result, I could not ask for a better team!

Since moving to New Jersey in May, I have found that I am most surprised at the ministry opportunities that are already opened to us.

Twice a week, we are tutoring at an after-school program. This responsibility has been wearisome, but a meaningful experience. We have 25 children on the roster and new students join us almost each week. The kids are warming up to us and have really embraced our structured program.

Most recently, I have been blown away by the positive reception we have received at the strip clubs we are reaching out to through our “Loves Way Out-AC” ministry. We hope to visit the employees of these clubs every 3 to 4 weeks.

You can join us in this exciting ministry by:

1. Joining the prayer team. You will receive emails from me with the prayer requests of the women and men we meet.

2. Financially contributing to the gifts and baked goods we take into the clubs.

These gifts have proven to be crucial in breaking the ice. To get involved, email me at

Year End Report From Shelby Moreland

tumblr_inline_myzimueZIP1ri1qcvI never could have imagined that the way that God had refined me over the years would be one of the biggest reasons for coming here to serve. I am constantly surprised by how the Lord works in and through me. God has molded me to do the work that I am involved in at Grace Falls. He has made me with a desire to love on young women, to help the homeless and to teach children.

Before I moved to AC, I was serving at a homeless ministry every Thursday night. As God allowed me to fall in love with serving in that environment, He was shaping me to volunteer at Sister Jean’s Soup Kitchen, here in Atlantic County.

During my time here I have also learned that many times I put God in a box and doubt what He can really do. Time and time again, when I’m doubting God he comes through in a simple way and says “See, I Am bigger than you think.”

In the new year, I really look forward to developing relationships with the girls through “Loves Ways Out,” to continue to get more grounded here, to get to know my neighbors better, to continue to love on and be an influence to the kids we tutor in the Pleasantville community. I look forward to growing in Christ and experiencing His love on a deeper level, and I also look forward to growing closer with my team.

While I have been here, I have made a point to look back every couple of weeks and recognize how much I have changed and how my relationship with the Lord has grown. I get excited when I look to the future and think about the changes that God will be making as I continue to grow.

Year End Report From Tami Webb


That is how I would describe myself these days. I am so honored to be a part of the start of this church plant. For many years I loved being a part of the history of Exciting Idlewild Baptist Church. I am aware of the sacrifices made by those who started that church in a small neighborhood. Now I have the honor to witness the history in the making of Grace Falls from the very inception!

In an effort to develop a ministry purpose and plan, our core team read and studied the book, “Barefoot Church - Serving the Least in a Consumer Culture” by Brandon Hatmaker.

I must confess that I struggled through most of it. Not because I disagreed, but because I was so ill prepared to participate in any sort of relational ministry. For years, I have sat in the church office and I have forgotten the value of personal relationships. That is part of what motivated me to join this ministry effort. As a result, God has led me into places I would have never imagined.

While I still have the honor to support the ministry of Idlewild, as well as the administrative needs of Grace Falls, I am excited to get out from behind the desk and participate in ministry!

Twice a week I get to encourage children who need someone to help them finish their homework. Each Friday we gather with a small group of believers as we “Experience God,” not only through the workbook, but also as we see how He is transforming our perspective for eternity. But, most challenging of all has been to participate in the “Loves Way Out” ministry.

As the mother of two young men, I have struggled to connect with young women, yet on the very first night of ministry at the clubs, we met a dancer who reminded me of a girl who had been in my 6th grade Bible Fellowship class many years ago. It was her first night at work and she looked scared. That was how God taught me the value of why are here - to bring Light to the darkness.

Yes, it has been hard to leave our family, our house, a job that I have loved and served at for 33 years, but I pray that as I learn to engage in a new way that someone else might be challenged to step out also.

Jim and I cannot begin to express how much we appreciate the generous support you have shown to us and we look forward to sharing more in the new year!

Year End Report From Jim Webb

tumblr_inline_myzjn6MzWt1ri1qcvI had no idea of what to expect when I started this journey of faith but through the teaching of my Bible Fellowship teacher Bob Sprinkle I was willing to learn. Bob had made a big impact on me through his teaching.

I was learning that there was more to serving God than sitting in a pew and just listening to the sermon. I recognize now that God was preparing me for this step of faith and that the best thing that I could do was to put myself in God’s hands, which was a very new concept for me.

After getting here, things were very complicated, but I have seen God’s hand in everything that is going on. I saw him at work in meeting our need for economical housing, in meeting new people and in providing for our finances.

For the first time in my life I am beginning to care about my walk with Christ. Being a part of this church plant team has opened my eyes to what and who God really is. I have seen and experienced God’s work and have marveled at the things that He can do through me, if I will only make myself available to Him.

I did not join the team with a lot of spiritual knowledge or experience, but I know that God is using what I have and is allowing me to make a contribution to this team and this ministry. I am happy to be able to use my years of construction experience, as well as the skill and knowledge I learned from my father, to be able to oversee the maintenance of the beautiful property that has been granted to this ministry.

Most rewarding to me has been that during the early months, while we have had to live very closely with one another, I have been welcomed and accepted like a friend and brother to the rest of the team.

Year End Report From Ashley Fierros

tumblr_inline_myzkz660Kz1ri1qcvBeing a Church Plant Core Team member is tough, but extremely rewarding! There are days that having confirmation from the Lord to move to Atlantic City seems to be the only thing that sustains me. And there are also days where I can’t imagine being anywhere else or doing anything different.

Discomfort is the resounding theme that I am growing accustomed to. This allows me to find my comfort and my “home” only in my Lord. Refinement is a daily thing. I am refined through my circumstances and my community that God has blessed me to live with. I never know what he will bring each day. What an adventure!

In preparation for this experience, God allowed me to serve in Costa Rica with Pura Vida Missions for two years. While I was there the Lord taught me to rely on him daily for everything that I would need to survive. This has come in handy as I am faced daily with circumstances that I feel unequipped to resolve. He has to be my daily portion in order for me to do what he is calling me to do here.

I cannot begin to express the gratitude that I feel because of your love and encouragement! I have received letters that lift my soul when I am down. In a time when I don’t know how ends will be met financially, God has used supporters to bless and help me.

Because of prayer, I believe God has removed fear from me at times, he has given me revelations on how to do the tasks before me. The prayers of our supporters have been answered as our Lord has flung open doors that we would not have been able to open apart from his doing.

Thank you for all of the ways that you have encouraged this team and myself through your prayer and financial support! May God bless you.