Give, Save, Live


Well, what a journey we have been on so far. We started by asking one main question. What makes you happy? We have discovered two key answers to that question.

1. NOTHING - We realize that happiness is more about a who than a what, so no thing will make us happy. If you and I are happy right now, it involves a who not a what. 

2. SOWING - We looked at the fact that happiness is an outcome. Happiness is a result.

We learned that the reality is when it comes to happiness is the fact that it isn’t immediately accessible. If you are unhappy right now, no single message or no podcast, or no Ted Talk is gonna make you happy. 

Happiness is a process. You sow your way into happiness. We have to begin doing things differently so we will have a different result; its sowing and reaping.  We learned that the problem with the law of the harvest is you plant a seed today and there is no crop tomorrow. 

Cissy taught the kids this a few weeks ago in the kids gathering when she was teaching the value of patience. They all planted seeds in a cup but they had to water and wait to see what would grow later. My kids have been checking everyday on the progress. 

This past Sunday we had a great discussion about the connection between our money and happiness. We started by asking ourselves a simple question. How much money would it take in order for you to be happy? 

We agreed that the answer is always "More than I already have.” But this led us to the truth that more money isn’t the answer. Why? Because more is always a moving target. Instead of more the real answer is management. Its not how much you have but how you manage what you have that makes the difference. 

We talked about 3 words that happen when we let money and the desire for more drive us rather than the management of it:


Each leads to the next and eventually leave us unhappy and peace is never found. We learned 3 NEW WORDS that I pray would become the heart of everyone who is apart of the Grace Falls Family.


These three words are apart of a blueprint of how God directs all who follow Him to know peace and experience happiness when it comes to our money. Here is the pathway to happiness as we manage our money…

  • GIVE FIRST  - Why?  Because Giving always results in joy
  • SAVE SECOND – Why? Because Money in the Bank leads to peace in the mind
  • LIVE ON THE REST – Why? Because when you do the first two, you are left to live financially free! Now that’s an idea that screams PEACE.

I hope this week blessed you as it blessed me.  Please take these words and truly ask yourself if you can and are willing to believe it to be true…

”Giving will bring you joy, saving will bring you peace, and living on the rest will bring you freedom.”

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. All the ladies will receive a special gift this Sunday. Hope you can make it!