Happy Birthday Bartletts

DSC_0512 Today is Gen Bartlett's birthday, Maria will turn 5 on June 11 and Eden will turn 1 on June 24. This is a great opportunity to be reminded to pray for her and Chris and their family as they serve on the mission field.

Chris and Gen Bartlett and their four children have been on the mission field in Niger, West Africa since May and are currently experiencing the hottest part of the year. They share that their typical day starts with three hours of language study. After they complete their studies, they fill up three big buckets and one kiddie pool with water and let the kids cool off.


  • Health- We are so grateful for it–We have had no major health issues so far!
  • Teammates–They have been so supportive and involved in our lives as we adjust and as we continue to learn.
  • Electricity has been better the last few days and we are getting better sleep.
  • The kids are adjusting to the culture, language, and food very well!
  • Eden started walking last month.

Prayer requests:

  • Continued language study and comprehension.
  • For our team here in West Africa, that we would continue to have unity.
  • That we would work where the Father is already working.
  • That we would walk in the Spirit daily to be able to see where the Father is already working.
  • Wisdom on how to be involved in the lives of the people around us, how to help them when they need help and how to share with them.
  • For daily strength to persevere.