Introducing Summer Intern Jennifer

11541973_10203013144008339_6639431452018029192_n My name is Jennifer Kingsley, but most people know me as “Jenn.” I am 21 years old. Born and raised in Tampa, Florida. I am going on my fourth year in college, and recently accepted into nursing school! I am a very adventurous person. I love being outdoors and seeking new places. I grew up running track, specializing in hurdles. Fun fact, I was a state finalist in my event during my high school years. Since college, I have found a new love for beach volleyball.

On a more personal note, my faith was made real in May of 2015. Although that may not be a long time, the amount of things that the Lord has taught me in this short time, has stretched me immensely (My story is extensive, but I would love to share it with you sometime). Since that day I have experienced the constant unconditional love, mercy, and grace that my Savior has given me. Now I feel the all consuming urge and desire to share that kind of love with others.

I have been an active member of Idlewild Baptist Church in Lutz, Florida, where I hold a position in leadership in the college-age ministry and have been active in their outreach ministries. I really have a heart for serving by coming alongside individuals and encouraging them through life-on-life discipleship.

A few months ago, I learned of the opportunity to be apart of Grace Falls as a summer intern and to serve in New Jersey. I was immediately intrigued to learn of just some of the ministry work that is being done in this community. I was given a chance to take a weekend trip to visit and experience what I was going to be involved in over the summer. Let me tell ya, I was blown away! I got a taste of ministry like I never have before. Immediately, I was plugged in with a fantastic group of women who share a mutual passion for women who work in the adult entertainment industry. The stories and fellowship I shared with this group sparked a desire to be apart of this ministry.

I am really looking forward to all of the opportunities that come my way to further the Gospel in the South Jersey and Philadelphia areas this summer. I come expectant, seeds will be planted, and lives will be changed in the name of Jesus.