Jesus Goes To The Dark Places

A little while back I had an UNBELIEVABLE day with the LORD revealing the depths of HIS MERCY and LOVE. Grace Falls had the opportunity to partner with XXXChurch in Eddison, New Jersey for the world famous porn company Exxxotica was having their annual porn convention. At the beginning of 2014 we heard about XXXChurch from a banner hanging outside of “Scores,”, one of the clubs that we minister at, the banner announced that the Exxxotica Convention was coming to Atlantic City. is an organization that ministers to the people in the porn industry, they go into the darkest places to bring the message that Jesus loves you right where you are.

My mind has been blown as I watch God work! The Love of Jesus was all over their booth and it spread throughout the convention! I had opportunities to talk to many people and just remind them that Jesus loves us just as we are…no need to clean up and the response was AMAZING! People were confused, convicted, mad, happy, relieved and the Spirit was working on and in hearts, including mine!

One gentleman walked by with his father and a young man. He looked confused as I went up to him and asked if he wanted a sticker with the “Jesus Loves Porn Stars” logo on it. He said no and then said that next year they needed to have a booth that said “Moses Loves Porn Stars.” I realized that he is a Jew and that was a joke.

After a few minutes of silly talk with the three of them, he sent his father and the young man off and said that he would catch up with them later. He said that he wanted to talk to me for a while. My heart started to pound, I didn’t want to get into a debate about anything, one of the lessons we learned in training is that we are not here to debate anyone. I immediately began to pray about how I would show Jesus love in whatever response that I would give.

Then he hit me with a question, “What is your take on grief?” confused I replied, “I’m not sure what you are asking.” This was a stalling tactic as I continued praying some more for the Lord to show up and speak for me.

He said, “A year ago, my son of 35 was found dead in his room with no explanation and I can’t seem to heal from it. I went to a Rabbi to ask for clarity on death and grief and his answer didn’t help. I went to a Priest but his answer didn’t help either. So I was wondering what your take on death and grief.”

As I pointed to the logo, “If I truly believe that Jesus loves us right where we are and I accept his love then I will receive all that he promises. Jesus tells us that He is going away to prepare a place for us, a place that has no pain, no suffering and no grief.”

I told him how sorry I was for his loss and that I would specifically be praying for his heart to heal. He thanked me for promising to pray for him and then off he went.

An hour later he came back and he was getting one of the “Jesus Loves Porn Stars” shirts made. I ran up to him and said, “You’re back and you’re getting a shirt!?!” He said, “I like what you had to say and I’m taking this shirt home to my wife!”

I know this all may be shocking and blowing your mind but stick with me here. God met this man here in the depths of Sheol and gave him hope, truth and healing that he couldn’t find anywhere else! He wanted to take the good news home to his wife!

Jesus is not scared of the dark places. He went in to them to share and demonstrate HIS LOVE! Jesus didn’t stop at the door and say, “No I can’t go in there, I’ll just wait for them to come out.” Nope, HE went in and hung out with them. And people were healed and changed because of it. This man was healed and changed because Jesus met him and loved him right where he was and then he took the message home to his wife!

Praise you Lord for allowing me to witness your greatness and just how gracious and glorious you truly are. May we never be afraid to go into the darkness and tell people they are loved right where they are! Thank you Jesus for meeting me and loving me right where I am!

Psalm 139: 3,7,8,10 “Lord, you search out my path and my lying down and are acquainted with all of my ways…Where shall I go from your Spirit? Or where shall I flee from your presence? If I ascend to heaven, you are there! If I make my bed in Sheol, you are there…even there your hand shall lead me, and your right hand shall hold me.”