Our First Year In Jersey


Posted by Cissy McNickle

It is official. We have lived in New Jersey for 1 year. A WHOLE year. It has gone so incredibly fast!!!

Looking back I am overwhelmed at everything that has happened in the first year. I have to say, ministry speaking, this has been one of my favorite years! (And I have A LOT of great ministry memories!) It has been incredibly challenging but so refreshing to be “incredibly challenged” again. I needed to be pushed from complacent and comfortable to being challenged.

I can remember a little over a year ago, sitting on Scott and Melinda Moreland’s couch with our amazing Marriage Builders Group (hey y’all!!!) and talking about our plans to move to NJ. I was sharing with them how complacent and comfortable I had allowed myself to become. I always thought that’s what I wanted, but I started to realize how boring life had become when I wasn’t allowing God to really push me. Well push me He has, I got what I asked for, life is no longer boring!

Yes, I miss the comforts of Exciting Idlewild Baptist Church with it’s awesome ministries. We had financial security, the ability to “just show up” without having to set-up and clean-up. A huge thank you to those of you who do that at IBC!!!

As much as I miss those luxuries I prefer the joy, excitement, and suspense of waiting to see what God does next. Who’s path will we cross next? How will he provide for a need? What experience will we have next?

Just this week:

I got my first text/invite from one of the girls we have met in the clubs!

I heard from one of the people that I have come to love so much that he was an active gang member and all that gang life entails, I have gotten to see how God is completely transforming his life

I attended our first funeral in NJ and watched our amazing Grace Falls family love and ministry to a hurting family

I have seen 2 “seasoned” Christian women from Grace Falls go to a music venue to watch 2 of our “less seasoned” Grace Falls members perform their hip-hop music, and instead of politely listening, they choose to really support by cheering and clapping and singing along!

I got to watch and encourage one of the girls in our Grace Falls family recovering from drug addiction, have one of her children back with her for a few days as she learns to be the mother she wants to be (And she did a GREAT job!)

I LOVE that stuff! I love being a part of all that God is doing here. I so much miss my friends and church in Tampa, Florida, but at moments like this when I get to really take a moment to sit down and evaluate things, I want more for all of you to be here with me, than for me to be back in Tampa as the comfortable, complacent girl that I was.

I want you all to know that your love and support (whether you are in FL, AL, AR, or our new family in NJ) means the world to me, my family, and our team! Because of the support, prayers, and love you all have provided, I have been able to really enjoy this first year. It allows us to really get out there and do ministry up here that is meaningful and effective.

Thank you all so much! We could not do this without each of you and I look forward to the day you get to come and serve alongside of us here in NJ.