Year End Report From Jim Webb

tumblr_inline_myzjn6MzWt1ri1qcvI had no idea of what to expect when I started this journey of faith but through the teaching of my Bible Fellowship teacher Bob Sprinkle I was willing to learn. Bob had made a big impact on me through his teaching.

I was learning that there was more to serving God than sitting in a pew and just listening to the sermon. I recognize now that God was preparing me for this step of faith and that the best thing that I could do was to put myself in God’s hands, which was a very new concept for me.

After getting here, things were very complicated, but I have seen God’s hand in everything that is going on. I saw him at work in meeting our need for economical housing, in meeting new people and in providing for our finances.

For the first time in my life I am beginning to care about my walk with Christ. Being a part of this church plant team has opened my eyes to what and who God really is. I have seen and experienced God’s work and have marveled at the things that He can do through me, if I will only make myself available to Him.

I did not join the team with a lot of spiritual knowledge or experience, but I know that God is using what I have and is allowing me to make a contribution to this team and this ministry. I am happy to be able to use my years of construction experience, as well as the skill and knowledge I learned from my father, to be able to oversee the maintenance of the beautiful property that has been granted to this ministry.

Most rewarding to me has been that during the early months, while we have had to live very closely with one another, I have been welcomed and accepted like a friend and brother to the rest of the team.