Take That Chocolate… Fruit Wins

A recent Nielsen poll (who is this guy) conducted a global snacking survey and you won’t believe the results! Participants were given 47 different choices and their snack of choice was fruit over chocolate! Last on the list was ice cream/gelato – my wife just screamed when she read that. Yet the study had 30k people in 60 countries and when ask to identify their snack of choice – fruit was the winner.

Jim led us this week and left us with a simple question to consider…What is at least one thing you could do to be more fruitful in your life? So what did you come up with? Does it really matter?

Well, consider this. So far in the story God has commanded His creation to be fruitful a couple times. It sounds like that is a priority? Why so important? Look at a list of synonyms for the word fruitful:

Productive Useful Worthwhile Helpful Beneficial Valuable Effective Rewarding

These were just a few of them but I think these words reveal a lot and explain why it was so important to God.

When I read that list, the word that comes to mind is purpose…God created you and me for a purpose. We have already seen in the story that of all that He created – mankind was the pinnacle. He formed us in HIS IMAGE. To be like Him is what that means.

So think about this for a minute. Lets look at the list again with just a simple addition…

God is productive God is useful God is worthwhile God is helpful God is beneficial God is valuable God is effective God is rewarding

How did they sound when you read it? Did it make it a difference or raise the level of importance for you? It should. Let me tell you why.

You were created in His Image and with His words He gave you purpose…BE FRUITFUL. So if I was writing a job description based on God’s command to be fruitful and our identity in Him, it would read like this:

BECAUSE God is productive…you are to productive to BECAUSE God is useful…you are useful to BECAUSE God is worthwhile…you are worthwhile to BECAUSE God is helpful…you are helpful to BECAUSE God is beneficial…you are beneficial to BECAUSE God is valuable…you are valuable to BECAUSE God is effective…you are effective to BECAUSE God is rewarding…you are rewarding to

So, my challenge to you this week is not TO DO anything. I challenge you TO BE what God created you to be. Take that self doubt – FRUIT WINS!!!!