What Did He Say?

My grandfather was a quiet, reserved man. He had a great sense of humor and what made him funny was the fact that 90% of the time He was this quiet, reserved man but that 10% would get you. He was a cabinetmaker and all of us would spend days working with him in his shop. I can remember many days that we would work all day (10 hours) and maybe hear him speak 10 words. It was important on those days we were working, to make sure that when He gave the instructions that we listened well. He never liked to repeat himself. He would tell us that in the army you didn’t always get the benefit of hearing the instructions twice. So, I would try my best to hear him and more importantly understand what it was that he wanted accomplished.

This brings me to that line we heard in the story this week when the serpent spoke to Eve and said, “Did God really say…” This was an interesting but powerful question. It was used to plant a seed of doubt in the heart of Eve. Satan used an interesting and affective strategy. He got her to doubt what God said hoping the rest of the dominoes would eventually fall.

Gautama Buddha said, “Doubt everything…find your own light.” Go back and read that again. What do you think? Is doubt a good thing? Should we doubt everything, all the time? Can we find our own light and if we can, will it always keep shining?

I don’t know how you would answer that but for me, no way. Just when I think I see the light and think I am moving in the right direction, it gets dim or goes dark. Life is always moving and it’s always changing. I know my ability and my intellect aren’t enough to keep up.

We tend to treat doubt and faith as bitter enemies and total opposites. We think that the goal to understanding is to eliminate all doubt…I see this all the time when people approach things like the Bible, Jesus, His resurrection, the Gospel etc. They work hard to remove all doubt and not be guilty of being caught with a question like, “Did God really say…”

What if we chose to believe that faith and doubt weren’t really opposites? What if doubts were an indicator that you and your faith had a pulse? What if they revealed that you or me were alive and well and we were searching and exploring? Would that belief change anything? Would you be willing to trust more, be open more, see more, experience more?

You see Eve didn’t sin because she doubted alone – she didn’t trust either? What if she would have taken the doubts to God, the one who enjoyed walking with her and Adam everyday? After all God was her creator, her provider, and her protector, the source of all she had or could ever want or desire. What if she had taken those doubts to Him? You would think the One whose very words brought forth life could handle her questions.

So what is the lesson here for us? Is Doubt a good thing or bad thing? Consider this…

“Tell people there’s an invisible man in the sky who created the universe, and the vast majority will believe you. Tell them the paint is wet, and they have to touch it to be sure.” George Carlin

We are all people who on one hand have the capacity and desire to believe in what seems impossible yet, struggle to believe something as simple as a sign that says WET PAINT without touching it. Could it be that the desire we have to know is best met when we ask the painter? Could it be that God wants us to come to Him with ALL THINGS and not just some things?

So as we gather together each week and hear God’s Story, lets continue to bring our questions, doubts, desires to know more without worry or fear. Lets bring them with anticipation of getting to know the PAINTER so that we can enjoy watching Him work. We are better together so thank you for being apart of this amazing journey!