Year End Report From Cissy McNickle

tumblr_inline_myzm9yOuAH1ri1qcvI must admit that, so far, the experience of being a Church Plant Core Team member has been difficult but incredible!

The things I thought would be most challenging have proven to be easier, such as making connections with New Jersey natives, seeing where God is working, and finding ways to join Him, and yet, the things I thought to be easy have been more challenging– especially communal living! God is so good and the ways He has provided have been nothing short of miraculous!

I am most thankful for our amazing team. Before moving up here, God confirmed to me that he would provide a team, if I would just trust Him. As a result, I could not ask for a better team!

Since moving to New Jersey in May, I have found that I am most surprised at the ministry opportunities that are already opened to us.

Twice a week, we are tutoring at an after-school program. This responsibility has been wearisome, but a meaningful experience. We have 25 children on the roster and new students join us almost each week. The kids are warming up to us and have really embraced our structured program.

Most recently, I have been blown away by the positive reception we have received at the strip clubs we are reaching out to through our “Loves Way Out-AC” ministry. We hope to visit the employees of these clubs every 3 to 4 weeks.

You can join us in this exciting ministry by:

1. Joining the prayer team. You will receive emails from me with the prayer requests of the women and men we meet.

2. Financially contributing to the gifts and baked goods we take into the clubs.

These gifts have proven to be crucial in breaking the ice. To get involved, email me at