Year End Report From Shelby Moreland

tumblr_inline_myzimueZIP1ri1qcvI never could have imagined that the way that God had refined me over the years would be one of the biggest reasons for coming here to serve. I am constantly surprised by how the Lord works in and through me. God has molded me to do the work that I am involved in at Grace Falls. He has made me with a desire to love on young women, to help the homeless and to teach children.

Before I moved to AC, I was serving at a homeless ministry every Thursday night. As God allowed me to fall in love with serving in that environment, He was shaping me to volunteer at Sister Jean’s Soup Kitchen, here in Atlantic County.

During my time here I have also learned that many times I put God in a box and doubt what He can really do. Time and time again, when I’m doubting God he comes through in a simple way and says “See, I Am bigger than you think.”

In the new year, I really look forward to developing relationships with the girls through “Loves Ways Out,” to continue to get more grounded here, to get to know my neighbors better, to continue to love on and be an influence to the kids we tutor in the Pleasantville community. I look forward to growing in Christ and experiencing His love on a deeper level, and I also look forward to growing closer with my team.

While I have been here, I have made a point to look back every couple of weeks and recognize how much I have changed and how my relationship with the Lord has grown. I get excited when I look to the future and think about the changes that God will be making as I continue to grow.