Year End Report From Tami Webb


That is how I would describe myself these days. I am so honored to be a part of the start of this church plant. For many years I loved being a part of the history of Exciting Idlewild Baptist Church. I am aware of the sacrifices made by those who started that church in a small neighborhood. Now I have the honor to witness the history in the making of Grace Falls from the very inception!

In an effort to develop a ministry purpose and plan, our core team read and studied the book, “Barefoot Church - Serving the Least in a Consumer Culture” by Brandon Hatmaker.

I must confess that I struggled through most of it. Not because I disagreed, but because I was so ill prepared to participate in any sort of relational ministry. For years, I have sat in the church office and I have forgotten the value of personal relationships. That is part of what motivated me to join this ministry effort. As a result, God has led me into places I would have never imagined.

While I still have the honor to support the ministry of Idlewild, as well as the administrative needs of Grace Falls, I am excited to get out from behind the desk and participate in ministry!

Twice a week I get to encourage children who need someone to help them finish their homework. Each Friday we gather with a small group of believers as we “Experience God,” not only through the workbook, but also as we see how He is transforming our perspective for eternity. But, most challenging of all has been to participate in the “Loves Way Out” ministry.

As the mother of two young men, I have struggled to connect with young women, yet on the very first night of ministry at the clubs, we met a dancer who reminded me of a girl who had been in my 6th grade Bible Fellowship class many years ago. It was her first night at work and she looked scared. That was how God taught me the value of why are here - to bring Light to the darkness.

Yes, it has been hard to leave our family, our house, a job that I have loved and served at for 33 years, but I pray that as I learn to engage in a new way that someone else might be challenged to step out also.

Jim and I cannot begin to express how much we appreciate the generous support you have shown to us and we look forward to sharing more in the new year!